Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rice Krispy Treats & Margaritas

It's been weeks since I've spent time in the kitchen...
because we've been so busy traveling,
celebrating birthdays, starting the new business...
oh and I joined the gym this week too.
Now I'm too sore to even move!
So after a relaxing morning on the couch watching the Food Network,
I was inspired to go grocery shopping...
even though hungry at the time,
(you know how that goes-bought way too much food).
I planned on a lovely outdoor photography setup
for outdoor entertaining this evening,
but the South Florida thunderstorms had others plans for me.
So I apologize for the grainy photo and horrendous lighting...

On The Menu

 Dinner: Smoked Applewood Rub Pork Loin
with Dijon broth
Onions & Russet Potatoes
Topped with Fresh Parsley & Tarragon

Drinks: Margaritas with Fresh Lime

Dessert:  Rice Krispy Treats
mixed with Chocolate & Butterscotch Chips

Hope Everyone Had a Lovely Weekend!


  1. You said the magic word: Rice Crispy Treats! =) Sounds delicious! I have to get back to the gym myself but yeah that soreness after the first day is tough. I'll be right there with ya on that! =) Hope the storms aren't too bad! =)

  2. Yum..I love rice crispy treats! We used to make peanut butter ones too - which I still love to this day! Have a great week! xxoo :)

  3. That pork loin rec eipe sounded delicious. Did you really cook it.(Ha)
    I know your a good cook.
    Have a good week, love you. Dottie



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