A Little Introduction

Where it all began...

After I graduated from college, I moved cross-country for the second time,
driving by myself from coast to coast. It can be a daunting task for a wee little thing like myself, or as protective family members still like to view me, but filled with determination and my new Nikon, I was excited to document my trip and practice my new skills I had learned in journalism school.

I stopped for a few days in Las Vegas to shoot the beautiful architecture of the strip. It was nice to go by myself because I had opportunity to look at things much differently with a camera in hand, rather than a oversized drink cup. It's quite an experience to just stop and look at things from a unique angle and click away, without having anyone or anything weighing you down.

From Las Vegas, I droved through the desert and stopped for a quick photo op at the Redstone Picnic Area outside of Lake Mead.
(Doesn't this pic look like a car ad? I wish I could have sold it to Nissan!)

I camped at Lake Powell, Utah for a night on my own,
which I admit I was slightly nervous, and resulted in very little sleep.
But I was able to welcome the morning sunrise with this view from my tent.

I had an 8:00am date for an economical version of rafting the Grand Canyon.
(Trips can range from a few hundred to a few thousand for a rough water rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.
This trip for $79 was a half-day and started from Page, Arizona. It is a smooth float trip which is great for photographers,
as this area marks the beginning of the Grand Canyon.)

This solo road trip marked the beginning of my love to explore off the beaten path and snap away. Ever since, I have been seeking inspiration in places local and far, and it has become my passion to share such awe inspiring places with others.

Can't wait to show you more from this particular series,
and the exciting destinations thereafter!

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  1. Oh I totally know what you mean! I just recently discovered photograohy but I'll be starting a 2 year photography program this month! Can't wait to be able to shoot things the way I wanna shoot them! sweet blog! :)


    P.S: I'm having a cute cute giveaway running! Come and check it out! ;)

  2. Wow, you went on quite the adventure!! xxoo :)

  3. Beautiful pictures and a very adventureous young lady.
    A trip to remember for a lifetime.

  4. Camping on your own!!! That took nerve... so proud of you! You are lucky to have discovered the urge to travel at a young age. I didn't discover it until my late 40's, so I'm trying to catch up!


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