Versailles, France

They say nothing beats Paris in April...
but how about Versailles in April?

The outer gates...

Inside the Court...

More gates...

Oh the gold!

And more gold!

The Fleur de Lis.

And more layers of gold...

And me...

Inside paintings...

The elaborate hallways...

And ceilings

and Marie Antoinette's bedroom.

King Louis XVI

The famous painting of Marie Antoinette and her children.
If you notice the smallest child pointing to the empty baby basset,
the painting was later altered because her baby died of illness, after the painting was made.
(Perfect timing for my camera battery to die!)

But it turned on for one more quick pic of the gardens.
I was just devasted I didn't have my camera in the gardens.
With only one day in Paris,
I gave up going to the Eiffel Tower,
just to go to Versailles,
it was that important to me.
I had a meager 30 minutes to explore the acres and acres of fabulous French gardens.
Some days, when I'm really stressed I close my eyes and imagine I'm having a lazy afternoon in those gardens with a picnic basket, some cheese, crackers, and wine, frolicking back in the 1700's with a dress semi-resembling what Marie Antoinette would have worn.
I can not wait until I go back next year, and can dedicate a whole day to exploring these gardens where the Queen once roamed.

Happy Traveling!!


  1. Oh I LOVE it there. I was there in Jan. 2009 and was totally blown away. Can you imagine living there? And I agree with you about the gardens - they go on forever. Hope you're having a great time!

  2. ery beautiful> You are fortunate you got tomake that trip. I'm sure it eas very exciting.

  3. What a mess of that comment.. Very beautiful pictures. Dottue

  4. Versailles in April looks pretty fabulous, too. I love the photos of the gold gate details. I'm sure you'll get back with time and batteries and have a wonderful trip.

  5. We went to Versailles, and you went a much better day than we did! We did however get to take a boat ride which was very romantic. :)


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