And so, the seasons change...

Hello autumn!

Images by Nicolette
Top: Sand crab in Pamana City, FL; Sunflower in Dad's garden TN; Rocks in Lake Tahoe
Center: Yellow leaves Oregon, Orange leaves Squaw Valley, Ca.; Twigs above waterfall; University of Oregon administration building (aka, Animal House movie set: scene: horse in President's office. ;)
Bottom: Incline Village, Lake Tahoe (Scraps Dog Bakery) 

Any plans for autumn?

P.S. Thanks to Cathi & Traci for joining the Pay it Forward Party!


  1. yay ! the first day of Autumn. At it's pretty warm ! I don't know.... for me it doesn't seem as though we had much of a summer, and with last winter being so severe I'm not really looking forward to the sliding into winter part again..... but if the colours of Autumn are great, and it's not too damp, I think it might be ok, sort of....

  2. Thank you, Colette. I wish I could say it felt like Autumn here. We've cooled down to a nippy 93 today so it must be on the way! Enjoy the season!


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