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Popovers & Raviolis

This past weekend I was feeling inspired in the kitchen and had a great success with Sunny Anderson's, Savory Cheese Popovers. Those who know me, know I have difficulty following a recipe. So, I improvised a little. I used pepper jack cheese instead of her cheddar and dash of cayenne pepper. I thought they turned out just gorgeous. Confession... I didn't have a mini muffin or popover pan like her recipe called for, so I used a floral petit four pan I purchased while employed at Williams-Sonoma. I believe they turned out lovely for an afternoon tea with the ladies. This recipe was super easy too!

Recipe found HERE.

Grade: A
They were lite and airy, with the perfect amount of cheese and fresh dill!

Now. I also wanted to give these Pea Raviolis by Claire Robinson's, 5 Ingredient Fix a try. You would think that because they are only 5 ingredients it was be easy and quick. Well, the popovers scored higher in my book.

1. Peas
2. Prosciutto
3. Lemon infused Olive Oil
4. Wonton Wrappers
5. Ricotta

Recipe found HERE.

Grade: B-
While the crispy pancetta mixed with the flavor of the lemon infused olive oil was a major hit, I didn't care for the filling of peas and ricotta. Perhaps, spinach or mushrooms would be better.
(It was slightly time consuming, and a lot of dishes to clean.)

Stuffing and sealing the raviolis.

Before going into the boiling water.
Note: The recipe made a lot of filling, which I ended up freezing the ready made raviolis for next time.

The zest of 1 lemon + 2 tbsp of olive oil = Tres Magnifique!
Great for cooking oil or drizzling.

Bon appetit!!


  1. Yum! And what a brilliant idea to use the petit four pan! These look perfect. xoxo

  2. YUM!

    ps that market I wrote about is the same one for Mario! Can't wait to check it out!!

  3. Those look so delicious. Maybe soon when the garden winds down, i will have a little more time to try some new recipes...XOXO


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