Labor Day Weekend!

A Look Inside

We had a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend, all things considering. On Saturday, I spent the morning sipping Green Tea at Barnes & Noble, reading Outdoor Photographer and the amazing UK Outdoor Photography magazine. Then went "window" shopping for the business, followed by a nice and much needed Manicure & Pedicure. For a Saturday, no one was there, so it was super relaxing, and they were even showing aerial video footage of Italy on the big screen. Pure relaxation!

Oh yes, I also went to Pier One and picked up a coule of great finds... a matching kitchen tool/ utensil holder to match my mini fruit bowl... and an old school timer (which I previously gave away a red one for my 100th post giveaway)! I love it... we've been using it for everything, check the food, check the laundry, etc.

I also got some new place mats, which low and behold after 2 years, we finally decided to start sitting at the table for dinner. We had a nice romantic candle lit dinner in Paris (see the Eiffel Tower)! This wasn't our best dinner of the weekend... but I had to keep it Gluten-Minimal to offset the Apple Cake.

But dinner for two, quickly became dinner for three!

Other food that was a hit this weekend... homemade salsa!

Burgers, fried okra (which turned out amazing!) I know it's a love or hate thing...

The apples from the Apple Bake cooked lightly in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon... this is a new favorite smell!

Voila! Turned out pretty good. Though it tasted more like a crepe with apples, rather than an apple cake. Maybe next time I will add a bit more flour...

Oh yes! I've had a mad craving for popsicles the past few weeks during our hot and humid South Florida summer, and I finally remembered them at the grocery store. I had so many, I think I had freezer burn on my lips for a day. I recommend not eating more than three in one sitting. Ouch! Note: my manicure ;)

Lastly, we made homemade pizza last night. Something we don't do to often.
Homemade sauce... yum. The dough is not homemade, however I do buy it fresh from the local grocer. Fresh mozarella and my favorite, mushrooms.

I love to make this olive oil dip when we have fresh breadsticks (made from the same pizza dough with olive oil, fresh grated parm, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and salt.) It gives the feel we are at a fancy restaurant. I just add freshly chopped garlic with kosher salt and Italian seasoning to the dipping oil.

Fortunately, we finished eating and cleaning just in the nick of time before we had a major lightening storm which knocked the power out of our whole block for three hours! I don't know what we'll do if we get a major hurricane this year. So that meant back getting back in touch with simpler times... no Bachelor Pad on tv, no internet, and no air conditioning! Trying to read by candlelight was even a little hard on the eyes, so I went to bed extremely early. Boy, was it nice to be rested this morning though.

How was your weekend?


  1. That looks like some good eatin!

  2. All that food looks delicious and your weekend sounds wonderful! xxoo :)

  3. You are getting to be quite the gourmet cook. Everything looked delicious. The pizza was great, bet it tasted good.

  4. So that pizza seriously looks exactly like the one we eat every year on the Champs Elysees! Good job Colette :)


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