Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Macaron Recommendations?

Good Eats Wednesday

Can you believe it?
I still have not tried French macarons...
even after all the rage and enticing blogs last year
featuring these colorful nuggets of supposed deliciousness.
I'm always a little late in the game.
So, I've decided to make it a big event
and order some for my mom and I
 to try on my visit to California in a few short weeks.
We may even invite the girls over and have a macaron party!
I see them all over Etsy...
but don't know if I should go for reputable bakeries...
or perhaps both?!

So, PLEASE do tell if you've had the "experience", and where they were from!


  1. I never tried them either... :) That Pierre Herme box looks divine! Go for it!

  2. Ever since I've started blogging I've heard of the macaron craze. I've never had them either. There is a bakery by me that has them so I think I'm going to have to take the plunge & try one. They look too yummy!! =) I hope you & your mom get to try them! Have a safe trip! =)

  3. I have tried the ones at Laduree in Paris (they were fabulous!) I have heard the Pierre Herme one's are wonderful too! Enjoy! xxoo :)



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