Modern Day Castle

Castle Guedelon

In the French countryside, 2 hours south of Paris, in an abandoned quarry, archeologist, Michael Guyot has been constructing a modern day medieval castle with techniques which haven't been used in 700 years. He has been working on this life long dream since 1997, and is not expected to be done 2023-2025. With a team of about 50 workers, it has taken him a lot longer than it would have back in those days because of a smaller team and the many tourists who have stopped by to visit. Here are some pics of his progress below:

And lastly, what it is expected to look like upon completion!

To read more about this project READ HERE.

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  1. I LOVE this. So interesting and unusual. thank you !!

  2. WOW, the dedication that must take!

  3. Oh its beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!


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