The Parisian Life

Oh how France has been on my mind this week!

From planning my Photography Getaway in the chateux region of the Loire Valley...

To the launch of Belle Inspiration online magazine... a truly inspirational magazine featuring many of the women in blogging. (A little secret, I will be contributing to the next issue, so subscribe to read! :)

To sweets chats with Mimi @ Bonjour Romance, who tells such a romantic story of how she met her husband on the streets of Paris, you simply must read her story...

Seeing a glimpse of my friend Cathi's recent vacation to Paris.

The amazing new episodes of Gossip Girl which take place in Paris.

My insatiable craving for a macaron, a luxury I haven't even tasted.

And finally purchasing Julia & Julia. Oh, I can't wait to watch it AGAIN. But now, it's finally mine.

Which brings me to the present, roasting herb chicken as we speak. Mmm, I can smell the Herbs de Provence coming to life in the oven!

Yes, I'm craving the French Life, all the way from the streets of Paris to the countryside.
And now it's time to dig in...

Bon appetit!

P.S. Don't know how I forgot, Teri @ Girl Meets Paris is also returning to Paris!
Enter her giveaway today for a chance to receive a postcard from Paris.


  1. Love your new header! And how great your tour is looking, sigh! Will definitely keep an eye out for your contribution to Belle Inspiration. Have a wonderful week. – g

  2. HaHa great post! Merci!!! :D

  3. Great post... the chicken made my mouth water!

    I love Belle Inspiration too :)

    Julie and Julia...perfection!

    Giveaway on my site today!

  4. Wonderful post! Thanks for the mention..:) I can smell that chicken from here, yum! xxoo :)

  5. Yum...the chicken looks wonderful! And your photo getaway sounds divine. Maybe someday....

  6. Bonjour,
    This has been a wweek of 'All things Parisian' for you. Your Photography Getaways in the Loir Valley will be marvelous. Thank you for your kind words about Belle Inspiration. I am really looking forward to working with you.
    a bientôt,

  7. That photo of Paris is gorgeous! I miss the crepes there!

    d e g a i n e

  8. I still need your address. Please email me. Mailing postcards tomorrow!



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