Photo Shoot

Over the Weekend

After browsing through all my travel photos, it became apparent how few photos there are of me, since I'm always the one behind the camera. And the ones I am in, I hate. They are quick shots usually by someone who is rushing to take the photo, and I'm notoriously known in my family for the really fake smile. :)

So, this weekend I decided to give my sweetheart one of his first lessons in photography, with me as his subject. My mom used to be the one who could always get my portraits to look graciously natural, I guess because of my comfort with her. I learned photography from her, but her speciality is shooting people with standard film. Me... I'm better with nature and still-life, to me it's easier. Though landscape photography has it's difficulties as well due to lighting and haze. Truthfully, I love photographing architecture and statues, which I don't post those photos often, but maybe soon.

So, here are a handful of the 150 images he took that turned out decently... after much cropping.
(Sorry honey, we'll get you there soon enough.)


We have never really played around with our surroundings as a set before.
This was just off our backyard... a closed golf course,
Notice the coastline of highrises on the beach.
Yes, we are that close to the beautiful aqua water of South Florida!


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  1. HaHa... I can so relate to this... I'm to the same with my boyfriend... BUT it does take a lot of time and patience... we should definitely hang out to take pictures of each other! ;)

  2. Nikki - these photos are WONDERFUL ! Jason did a good job............but, he had a beautiful subject. ♥

  3. very cute pictures...u look lovely


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