Teo Jasmin

Paris Shop

When I'm having the "I want to travel now" blues,
I submerge myself in destination photos...
and better way to surround yourself than
with these gorgeous canvas prints from Paris shop, Teo Jasmin!
I just love this Italian picture. Such a marvelous ambiance it creates,
don't you think?

This New York city skyline really adds some modern class to this bathroom.
Love it!

Or how about your own Pop photo on a canvas for some pizazz artwork?!

I'm also loving their signature Pup decor...
kinda makes my heart melt!

Italy canvas avail here starts at 79e.
New York canvas avail here starts at 75e.
Canvas avail here 89e. Triptyque avail here 79e.
Pillow avail here 67e. Chair avail here 814e.

Check out Teo Jasmine for more great finds!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. I love that Italy print!!

    Hey lady I'm also running a giftcard giveaway for CSN stores! If you get a chance hop on over to my blog!

    CSN Stores Giftcard Giveaway

  2. Those are really gorgeous. I envy the artists among us. God love 'em.


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