Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yin & Yang

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Photos: Top left, heart-shaped Leaf. Top right, formation on canyon wall, known as the pregnant lady on a swing. Bottom left, romantic window of Vizcaya Mansion, Miami. Bottom right, tulips and hut in Holland. By: Nicolette Fisher

This weekend was a little bittersweet on a small scale. After posting about My Five Favorite Things of the Week, my ego got a little crushed as I had a horrible afternoon at work... truly one of those days. So I decided to switch of my constant 24/7 'work' mind and 'played' on Polyvore creating fashion collages, a form of therapy in the arts. Then I messed around with my HTML code trying to widen my blog, which I spent unmentionable hours on Saturday, wasting my whole day. (If it looks funny on your internet browser please let me know- on large screens it seems to have only 2 columns. It's still a work in progress, and I appreciate any tips!) Alas, the day was not a total loss, Sweetheart and I went had a nice date night, which has been a long time since we've gone out this summer. I had a delicious steak dinner. :)

Now, I'm having a hard time getting this post completed because the cat keeps trying to cuddle in my lap. But it's so nice to feel needed by a ball of fluff.

Which leads to the story of our cats in the bathroom. Every evening we leave the light on in the bathroom for our cats who love to cuddle on the mat and stare at the storm windows we leave slighty open. As a result, we have a little baby lizard who visits on the screen, except on Fridays, we think he goes to the disco. But our bathroom has been the "hangout"' for the past year. Love has blossomed between my girl cat, Sage and my boyfriend's cat, Calvin, a very slow process as he awaits her to mature out of her innocence. Sage, my little obsessive Aquarian befriended a lizard in the bathroom last year. She watched him every night and would await his return. Then one day, he stopped coming. We feared something happened to him during the winter. Yet Sage, still went to the bathroom every night to stare up in hope that he would return. Early this summer, a baby lizard appeared. It was like our own Charlotte's Web. No one was happier, than Sage. I ask her in the evenings if she wants to "Go see the baby lizard?" and she will trot with her little candycane tail meowing all the way to the bathroom. The baby lizard has been very daring the past few weeks as he found an opening in the screen and has come in to feast on little baby moths that come fluttering in towards the light. Calvin, we believe has a death wish for the lizard as he jealously vies for Sage's attention. This first time I discovered he knew how to get in, I almost didn't sleep for fear of natural selection. But he survived, and returned outside, as he arrived on time the following night outside the screen. Now he comes and goes as he pleases, smart little guy. He's only about an inch and a half. This leads to today. We had a birth in the bathroom. It was a moth. There was a little cocoon at the top of the shower, which we agreed to let it be, as we both hate cruelty to any creatures. Between the cats and the lizard, I don't think he stands a chance, but we understand nature must take it's course. It's just been so entertaining to watch the little universe unfold in our tropical bathroom and we are pulling for all the little ones to exist in peace.

I love when I have a weekend, or any day for that matter, makes you stop and think how little we are, and how problems are really not that significant sometimes.

How was your weekend?


  1. Beautiful photos and blog!

    d e g a i n e

  2. Nikki - love your story of cats and lizards and moths. For years, when a little lizard manages to get in my house I always catch it and take it back outside. My cats aren't content to just watch it !!

  3. Okay, the cats and lizard story is just too cute. Your bathroom seems to be a happening place. Hmmm...(smiling)

    Take care of your beautiful ego, Colette. I'm sure it's only bruised! xxoo



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