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Last year when I went to Europe, I decided I would splurge on a cuckoo clock. I've been eager to share it on my blog, so when I saw this intricately crafted clock it reminded me that I have yet to share...

Large Elk Clock by Fretworker on Etsy $250.

Here is my beloved Black Forest German cuckoo clock...
(sorry iPhone pic)

Note my little woodcutter's mug of beer!
He lifts it when the clocks strikes every half hour...

Beer Trucks... saw this in my daily Conceirge UNPACKED email.

a crafted Portland Beer Company featuring
fine ales such as Cuddly Panda Porter.

Here is our take on a Beer Truck...
otherwise known as the Oasis Inn
a converted army camoflauged camper
stocked with you know what!

The Oasis Inn resides on my boyfriend's mother's and step-father's property in Ohio.

In the mood for some great seasonal brews?
Check out my post on The Top Ten Pumpkin Beers!

How do you make your adult life festive & fun?

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  1. That clock is about the cutest thing I have ever seen, and the Oasis Inn cracks me up. That sounds like something my family would do back in Illinois. The bartender is particularly pretty. Is that your boyfriend?

  2. I love your clock! I've wanted one for years!


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