Macaron Tea Party

Good Eats Wednesday

If you didn't read about my planned Macaron Tea Party... that's ok, because here it is!
It turned out excellent! Mom and I highly enjoyed our macaron sampling session. However, they did not show up until towards the end of my vacation, so we had to eat most of them in one sitting. Oh ouch, how rich!

This is my Pink dedication to Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

I thought the Green Tea & Black Sesame would be our favorites... being that we both adore these flavors, but we highly loved: Lemon, Lavendar, & Rose. All very fragrant. The lemon is fresh and tart, the lavendar made with real lavendar as you can see, and the rose is made with rose water, which has an aroma with every bite.

Of course the chocolate and caramel were amazing too!

Did you notice just how Green our Green tea is, well it's because this stuff is the real deal. The only green tea I can practically drink now... thanks a lot Mom for spoiling me with the best. It comes in a package with Japanese writing... the reason it tastes so good... toasted rice! Luckily, she did surprise me with my own bag. (If you'd like to try it, you can order HERE, she is extremely health conscious, so this stuff is very healthy!)

Aren't these the coolest pictures?! I swear a photographer can never relax!
I was on the couch, after just waking up and saw the stream of steam from mom's makeshift teapot / strainer, so I ran to get my camera, as I had to capture it with the morning light and steam illuminated by the cool October morning.

Another thing this Floridian couldn't resist was a jog to feel the cold morning air in my lungs, something I never get to experience since living here. So, I went for a run and saw a hot air balloon!

The Lavendar macaron toast!
See the little lavendar seeds,
you just feel relaxed as soon you take a bite.

Bon appetit!!!

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  1. All the pictures look so tasty, wish I had been there, I love the steaming tea pot, how original.
    Love, Dottie

  2. Those pictures of the smoke rising from the steaming tea are awesome!! they look like they are straight out of a commercial. You should sell them to that tea company for their next advertisement..

  3. Very nice! The macrons are so colorful!

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! And I agree, the steaming tea pot is amazing -- I thought it was some crazy dry ice concoction, but nope, just a gorgeous picture of a totally everyday object!

  5. I've only seen photos of these cuties and never tried one! Are they as good as they look?
    And the picture of the hot-air balloon - my fav! It seems like you've had some great time!

  6. Looks yummy! I love macarons, and whenever I go to Paris I always make sure to drop by Pierre Hermes or Laduree for some serious treats:)


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