Making the Office Environment Fun

How I Survive a case of 'The Mondays'

1. Wooden flower pencil from Anthropologie.
2. Gingerbread Man from McDonald's Happy Meal

3. Fun & flirty manicure.

4. Venti Zen Green Tea from Starbucks

5. Bracelet from Charlotte Russe.

How do you get through your day?

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  1. COFFEE!!!!!!!

    PS PASS IT ON - please come by and join in on my GIVE-AWAY - 2 winners announced Oct 13th!!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. The morning shot of caffeine is a must along with a sloooww wake up.

  3. aww this is cute! I got my coffee, my favorite necklace, my favorite shirt, but oooo I wish I had that gingerbread man! =)

  4. Definitely coffee first thing...then I have 3 gorgeous photo collages of Paris from Little Brown Pen that I adore, a beautiful photo card from you and an apple. Have an awesome week! xxoo :)

  5. I drink a lot of green tea:) I adore your nailpolish:)

  6. Beautiful color!! Loeve it! :)

    XX Nicky


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