Sparkles Kitchen

on Etsy

CONFESSION: After my macaron post a couple weeks ago, I stalked Sparkles Kitchen on Etsy for a few days in a row... yes even quick peaks on the iPhone. I couldn't help it. The pictures were just too good.

So now, the order has been placed, and I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I will be enjoying these little bits of heaven next week for a tea party!

Could not resist this Tea Time Happiness box as well!
It contains madelines, smiley icebox cookies, Italian Florentines,
almond thins, and sea salt sticks all for $20.

Macaron flavors:

72% Dark Chocolate
Black Sesame
Macha Azuki (Green tea with Red Bean Cream)
Bitter Caramel
Sumiyaki coffee

Mmm mmm...

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  1. Yum, those treats look so the smiley faces! :) xxoo

  2. Yummy. I'll take the 72% chocolate, please!

  3. How cute are these!!! and they sound delicious too. yum! thanks for sharing!


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