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Mom and I stumbled upon the historic downtown distict of Auburn by accident, another charming gold rush town. We ended up spending a nice afternoon there. I love when the best things in life are unplanned sometimes. We found an old fashioned candy store, where we shared lemon drops and flavored honey sticks, one of my favorite childhood treats...

This cute mountain bear cookie cutter was the only souvenier I purchased on my trip, I later realized. I generally try to purchase something for the kitchen now on each trip. It's special to have a souvenier that I can actually see in the kitchen and use on a regular basis, rather than a T-shirt or key chain that will get lost in some junk drawer.

We popped into the Auburn Alehouse to try the Oktoberfest beer made 'in house'.
I rarely drink beer now due to a wheat allergy,
so it was a nice treat. I used to enjoy specialized brews every now and then.
(My all-time favorite is the Apricot Ale by Pyramid,
which I can't get anymore since it is made in Seattle.)

We had just eaten lunch, but since we stopped in... we decided to try the Shangai Beef Wraps.

Tea Thyme Treasues was one of my favorite shops in Auburn!

This "Afternoon Tea Parties" book is on my holiday list!
Hint, hint! 
Isn't the tea cozy adorable too?

We stayed one night at my grandma's house...
her TV remote was such a riot!
Look how huge it is!!

I finally wore my new navy tights!


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  1. That cookie cutter simply is adorable! What a cute post!

  2. It's nice to stop and stay for awhile to a place that reminds us of our childhood.
    Lovely photos, Colette! :)

  3. Ooh, thanks for sharing all the photos. I am suddenly hungry and thirsty now. :-) Auburn looks like a fantastic place.


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