Appenzel, Switzerland

Travel Thursday

It is with great pleasure to bring you this post of Appenzel, Switzerland. I have been wanting to share these photos with you for quite some time, and not really sure why I've never gotten around to it. Appenzel is one of the cutest towns I've ever seen, and regretfully I only spent about an hour there, and it was Thanksgiving in Switzerland that day, so many of the shops were closed. I did manage to get a glimpse inside a Swiss candy shop, no pics though, but I believe it is the basis of what spawned my novel idea about an American girl who opens a Patisserie in Switzerland. Just sayin'...

I hope to return one day soon...

Want to see more of my favorite towns in Switzerland?
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Or join us for our Switzerland PHOTOgraphy Getaway in the Jungfrau Region!
Sept. 5 - 8, 2011

Happy Traveling!

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  1. Such lovely photos, it really makes me want to skip work and head right to the airport and fly to Switzerland. Ahhh, to travel!

  2. If I went there I'd never want to leave. How cute are those houses & shops!! I love it!! Switzerland is somwhere I HAVE to see one day. Have to!

    Melanie's Randomness

  3. Oh wow, how beautiful!!

    And thanks for adding me to your blog roll - I'm honored!! I'm updating mine this weekend so get ready to see your name in LIGHTS! Okay, not 'lights' really... but you know what I mean. :)

  4. Absolutely stunning. Incredible. I want to go right now.

  5. wao! I really like your blog, thanks for leaving me a coment. I am a follower. Are you from florida???!!! I was there five months ago! near tampa

  6. Gorgeous photos! I have always wanted to go to Switzerland as that is where my dad's family is from! xxoo :)

  7. Stop it.... noooooo I'm so jealous... budget is tight this year and my feet are light... no traveling plans for me this holiday season.. I'm doing it domestic sticking around Tokyo... although, i's like NYC on steroids..

    I adore these photos.. Switzerland ....I wanted to take the train from Germany... but didn't have enough travel time..whahhhh...

  8. Wow does this gorgeous post kick my wanderlust into high gear!

  9. the village looks so cute!!

    you cannot not to fall in love with switzerland.

    wanna go there!!!



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