Favorite Color Personality Test

What is Your Favorite Color?

Mine is yellow, and it couldn't be more spot on...

Yellow: The color of happiness, wisdom and imagination, Yellow is chosen by the mentally adventurous, searching for novelty and self-fulfillment. Yellow usually goes with a sunny and shrewd personality, with a good business head and a strong sense of humor. It is the color of intellectuality and all things to do with the mind. Yellow folks are usually clear and precise thinkers who have a good opinion of their own mental capacities and who have lofty ideals. They may at times tend to shun responsibility, preferring freedom of thought and action.

However, I like blue green, white, and lavendar too. :)

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  1. How interesting! My favorite is yellow too and some things were def spot on.

  2. I heart yellow too! It's such a happy color!

  3. I need to take this test:) Yellow sounds pretty close to home though!

  4. oh joy my favourite colour is yellow too! and sunset colours if that counts... thanks for sharing =) the tulips are beautiful


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