Friday Favorites

It has been a pretty BIG week for me... record blog views, ridiculous record Photography Getaways views, lots of interest, and clearly not enough of me to go around. I need a marketing assistant, and fast! I've been so blessed to 'meet' many new international bloggers and photographer bloggers, and I can't wait to connect more with all of you!

Why my week has been so amazing...

1.  A Cup of Jo lists Photography Getaways!
2.  Blog Couture's Modern T...
3.  Photography Getaways Shop giveaway on Gypsy Diaries.
4.  This sweet ode to Photography Getaways.
    (Google translates it quite beautifully!)
5.  Sneak peaks of the Holiday issue of Belle Inspiration.
    (I've been helping with the copy editing, one of my favorite jobs.)
6.  A photography PR gig for AFSP this coming weekend. (See pics below.)
7.  I also saw one of my views for Photography Getaways came from Harpo, Inc.!
     (Please, oh please Oprah!)

These photos are from the 2007 AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk, where I will be covering one of this year's walk in South Florida this weekend.

P.S. If you're not already following Photography Getaways on Facebook,
head on over!
Thank you to the new blog followers too!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Congrats on all the happy news!! Harpo Inc!! NICE!! Have a great weekend!! =)

  2. Such wonderful news! Will we see you featured in O magazine soon? :) (Fingers crossed for you!)

  3. Oh wow, what a great week! Hopefully you get to have a fun weekend to let it all sink in and take a load off. :)

  4. Have a great weekend honey! Happy writing! Kori xoxo

  5. oh so cute those pictures, and what a wonderful news for you!!

    have a fabulous weekend, I'm sure you will :D

  6. Definitely sounds like a good week, busy girl!

  7. Just found your blog, and I'm glad I did!
    Greetings from Italy,

  8. Wow you are having a busy week - FABULOUS! Have a happy weekend! xxoo :)

  9. love your blog... very inspiring posts..
    you've got beautiful taste :)

    I followed you ! Please check my blog out, when you'll have sometime !

  10. I will shortly add you to my blogroll as well...
    Thank you so much for you sweet comment, I'm glad you like my blog header :))
    you've got amazing talent too...

    Catch you later..
    And oh! I got attracted by your name because it reminds me of the fabulous Colette store in paris, one of the most amazing places to shop in the world :)))

  11. Congratulations, Colette! This is all great news. I hope the good times continue! xxoo

  12. Congratulations, Nicolette, on all your wonderful news! I'm thrilled for you! xo - g


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