Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Photo Shoot

& Photographers Journal
A  Special Post

I had big plans for this weekend. Obsessed about it all week, my Red Velvets Fashion Holiday Shoot for Christmas cards and the blog. Since the time changed, photos after work are impossible, so I rose early Saturday morning to steam the dress and satin dropcloth, did the hair, makeup, nails, whitened teeth, packed the prop bag, gathered the tripod, camera, etc., even managed to drag my boyfriend out to be my photographer. But... after about 2 minutes outside, the camera started acting up. I had forgotten to re-charge the battery. Crap. Rookie move, and utterly defeated.

These were taken in that short window...

My boyfriend being very sweet & consoling offered that we 'reschedule' for 4:30 lighting instead. Which we did, but it just wasn't the same...  It is sort of hilarious now to capture my frustration like a film strip.

He likes to take photos non-stop even while I'm trying to explain what I want, the angle, pose, zoom, pan out, where to focus, which gets frustrating because he won't listen. Maybe he'll listen now that I'm sharing it with all readers. He could just be trying to test my teaching patience for PHOTOgraphy Getaways! ;) Maybe if I can get through to him... I can help anyone. Trust me when I say he took over 500 pics! Of which, maybe 25 I wasn't looking down, squinting, talking, adjusting, setting up, blah blah blah. Hun, you have to put me at ease... say "relax, smile, fluff your hair, whatever!" Watch my progression of frustration... they are horrible photos which I will probably regret as soon as I post, but after settling down a few hours, I now find the body language hilarious. I especially love #2 "you need to do this... , #4 "you're not listening to me" & #6  loud sigh, yanking down the sweater tell myself to "take a deep breath Nikki". I think he just likes to get me going...

But he did manage to finally get me relaxed and the evening wasn't a total loss...

And when the shoot was over... I got to enjoy my Red Velvets & The Birds flew off just like out of a movie...

It was a long day... but now I'm pleased. I guess unpredictablity makes life fun and it was a good memory!
(Thanks for you help and patience sweetie!)

Dress, Tights & Accessories - Charlotte Russe
Maroon Heels - Nine West
Silver Flats - Xhileration


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  1. that was great fun, i loved #6, totally cracks me up! you are so pretty, some really great shots too :)

  2. Great post!! you had me laughing so hard, and the photos are great. xoxo

  3. Hahahaha, too cute!! Those frame-by-frame pics look pretty much like EVERY try I make with the hubs to make a photo op happen. I need a local photog friend, STAT!

  4. I think it was a success!! Yeah I tried once to get my boy cousin to take photos & it was a disaster! I love your dress & the cookies look so good! =) Great post dear! Have a good week!

    Melanie's Randomness

  5. I think the pictures look great!
    I'm glad you learned a Life Lesson; and plus, we as readers don't know the behind the scenes stuff so anything you do looks great without us realizing the camera was behaving badly or what have you....rock that blurry and dark photo!
    Pretend it was photoshopped to look that way, lol!

  6. This is fantastic. the candid shots are my favorite - what pretty eyes you have - no wonder your honey had trouble keeping everything straight! The Red Velvets look so good!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Those pictures are so cute!!!
    And those last ones made me laugh, I can relate

  8. Great pictures! They really turned out nice!

  9. You are just so fun and adorable at the same time... I was laughing so hard at number 6, you looked highly annoyed, pertrubed and were you mumbling under your breath? heheh

    You could put together one of those collage like postcard holiday cards? I really, really like your skirt!!!!

  10. The pictures are so adorable. They belong in Vanity fair or something like that.
    Some of those looks!!!! Really funny, but so cute.
    Love Dottie

  11. Way tooooooooooo funny! How I totally understand! and you are just way too cute! ;)

  12. Oh Nikki - this was a riot ! Knowing both of you so well, I can truly imagine the whole photo shoot - ha ha. You look beautiful and I love your outfit. Could almost taste those cookies too !

  13. So cute! The pictures came out great. I bet the photo shoot was so much fun.

    Check out Runway Rundown

  14. You are just so fun and adorable. just arrived here and already in love with your blog. how comes? talk soon

  15. Love the photo shoot, it's gorgeous!! Pass the cookies this way, please! Happy Thanksgiving! xxoo :)

  16. This Day looks so Funny, glad you decided to include your frustration pics,isn't that how Life really is?
    I'm so glad you let my Southern Red Velvet Cookies be part of the Subject!

    Thank You Colette
    Hugs LaNae



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