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Little did you know I took these pics of the tree, oh about 2 weeks ago! But I made myself wait until after Thanksgiving before I posted them...

My annual ornament last year, a little baker handcrafted in Germany.
Isn't he sooo cute?

My handmade reindeer (out of clothes pins) from when I was a little girl, he's even missing an eye! Surrounded by the ornaments my step-mom used to give me from Hallmark every year. I made Dad ship my musty dusty box to me last year for my first year with my special collection.

My love got his little handcrafted German ornament last year too, a pretzel man, because everytime we went to the mall, he would have to get a Wetzel's Pretzel! (He will be so embarrassed I posted that- because he likes to make everyone think he has a perfect diet. ;)

My grandmother's hand crocheted ornaments. They make this tree very special and add such a beautiful touch.

On my Europe trip last year, I decided to get an ornament from each country as my souvenir.
From Paris with Love.

Chatty Chipmunk from Hallmark.

& Grandma's adorable crocheted Santa!

Tis the season!

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  1. i remember as a child i LOVED putting on all our special ornamanets - now as an adult i want my tree "stylish" - guess it's good i don't have kids .. but i still LOVE the idea of lil ornaments to represent parts of your life!

  2. ornaments are so fun - i love reliving memories as we put them up every year!

  3. These ornaments are just too cute!! I love the baker & the lil chatty squirrel! I have a crochet angel too. =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. These are so cute and what Christmas is really about! I love the story behind each one honey! Hey! How were those cakes you ordered? I'm thinking about placing an order for my mom! I hope you are having a great week honey! Be sure to visit soon!

    Kori xoxo


  5. Very sweet! I have collections from all over for my kids too, some I have given to my son already and when my daughter moves out I will give her the rest. Wonderful post! xxoo :)

  6. Your tree is so whimsical... and I just really adore it so... my grandmother used to make those little santa's, she's not with us anymore, but I remember that being apart of her hobby, and each time, she would give these crochet santa and booties .... our similarities WOW

    I should tell you, I had this obsession with collecting ornaments when I traveled, that and keychains.... postcards... This tree is really super adorable.

  7. Those german ornaments are gorgeous, and your grandmother's crotched decorations are so special. What a wonderful personal feel your tree has!


  8. I love your tree and and all the special ornaments, they are all adorable, but then so are you.


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