Rustic Photography

Truckee, California

Here are some photos from my recent trip...

Welcome sign.

River at 5:00pm.

The old River Street Inn.

Brick painting in Downtown.

Old buildings of the Gold Rush.

A bear's scratching post. (Mom's house is about 20 yards behind. I teased her that they were marking their hibernation territory for this coming winter. Though I don't know much about bears and their tendencies... Mom did mention she saw 3 bears slowly meandering through her front yard a couple days ago, but was too much in awe watching from the kitchen window to grab her camera.)

Lovely magenta flowers.

Hope you're having a peaceful weekend!

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  1. such great pictures! I love the flower in the last one, the composition is perfect!

  2. Ahh..Those picture make a person long for the fall. Cool crisp air, the smell of firewood burning, pine trees, and bears scampering around..Doesn't get much better!!!

  3. what a gorgeous town! i'd be a little terrified of bears in my yard, but i'm sure the photos would have been amazing! (and thanks for including me on Friday!)

  4. Beautiful photos, Nicolette. I am especially fond of that first one.

  5. Bears?? Oh My! I love rustic buildings. They are beautiful! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  6. Gorgeous photos!! I haven't been up to that area in many years, but you have captured it's beauty! :) xxoo

  7. these photos are so so sweet !! i really love your photos .cool cool town !

  8. Beautiful pictures! And I can't imagine seeing bears randomly walking around like that... I think I'd be scared to death!

  9. Beautiful Pics Nik!! And what a beautiful place where your mom lives!

    Love ya! ~Debbie~

  10. you have a wonderful blog, i a glad you bumped into me so i could come snoop around here :) love your photography, switerland was fantastic. i grew up at tahoe, you even made truckee look great!

    you should join in food for thought, its fun, for the month of dec please come share your holiday books visually, hope to SEE what you are reading~

    and dump soul surivor fast for a better book!


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