Sage Butter

Good Eats for Thanksgiving
from Nicolette & Sage in the kitchen...

First of all, Mom (Nicolette) is letting me (Sage) run this post today! Since I run the roost anyways and developed my culinary excitement from Mom, it was only fitting. Actually, she agreed to let me participate in Good Eats this week after our tomato showdown last week. If you've been reading Mom's blog awhile, you may remember she has mentioned my affinity for tomatoes a couple times. There is nothing like the smell of a ripe tomato on the vine.... mmm mmm! Well Mom neglected to cut up my tomato at dinner time because she was too busy blogging for all you, hmmmph... so I thought I would take matters into my own hands, but I swear I didn't mean to break one of her vintage Mikasa bowls. Sorry Mom.

Well besides tomatoes, I also happen to love when Dad gives me little bits of turkey each morning when he makes his sandwich for work, and since you've probably already seen tons of recipes for The Best Turkey Ever and more than likely have those delicious passed down sidedish recipes from your mom and grandmother, I thought I would share one of my other favorites... butter! (For all you worried about my health out there, no, they don't give me butter, but Dad does occasionally spray my paw with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter... Spway.) Yeah, you know Spway, how Fabio used to advertise it? ;) Anyway, whenever I hear the spray bottle I run to the kitchen, (the same way I do when I hear Mom's first knife chop for my mato). Dad knows I just love licking my buttery paws after, even if I do back away like I'm scared!

So, here's a unique and festive way to present your butter this holiday. Everyone should have butter on the table, right? For those hot rolls, or creamy mashed potatoes? You may already have Sage on hand because of Thanksgiving dinner, and since Sage is the herb of the season (and the reason why Mom named ME Sage, because she loves to cook & because we both have Sage-colored eyes), these extra velvety leaves can be used to create a fragrant butter spread for your tablescape.

Herb Butter

1 or 2 sticks of butter
Fresh herbs
lemon zest (optional)

The best thing about this recipe is you can really use as much or little as you want. We used about 1 stick and 5 sage leaves, with fresh herbs it was pretty potent. Tarragon, oregano, or rosemary would work good too. Let the butter soften outside of fridge for a couple hours. Chop fresh herbs finely and mix in with butter. Take your favorite (or seasonal) open cookie cutter and fill with butter. Make sure butter fills smoothly on both sides. Set on plate, cover with wrap and put back in fridge until it sets. Best to make it a day in advance, or the night before so it can set appropriately. When taking out of fridge, let soften for a minute and lightly push out with your finger. 

Note: If you have a thick cookie cutter like I did, you can cut in half or thirds to have thinner stars and use them at different ends of the table. 

What a pretty little addition for your tablescape! Have a turkey cookie cutter? Give it a try.
I lost mine... thus the star. :) 


Nicolette & Sage

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  1. This is GREAT! I love this idea! Thank you so much.

  2. Sage is so adorable!

    And your holiday shoot...was great! Beautiful photos and huge kudos to the boyfriend for capturing you in all your Christmas glory!

  3. ohhhhhh!!! this post is so sweet. I like it a lot!
    happy thanksgiving!

  4. Suchc a cute post!! and Herb Butter... yumm!!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Your kitty is adorable!

  6. i am not sure what is cutter the cat or the sage butter~

    happy thanksgiving!

  7. I love this idea! Happy Thanksgiving! Here in Canada we already celebrated our in Oct. Hope you have a great holiday! I'm now following you too.


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