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I regret I have not been reading as much as I wish, blogs have been consuming most of my attention these days, which I can't complain about that! But this non-fiction book recommended by my father is a great story in theory, though filled with much fluff about daily mundane life. I will forge on with this one though because I do want to hear how it ends. Unlike the last three books I've picked up, things slowly trickle off after the third chapter, and they end up back on the shelf to be maybe continued at a later date. It doesn't help that I spend almost every weekend at the bookstore, so I'm constantly getting pulled in every direction like a kid in a candy shop. Do you ever have that problem?

While I was searching for the book image yesterday, I discovered the Food for Thought blog, and I am in love with this blog. I have been pining for years to have a Book Club with the feel from the the movie The Jane Austen Book Club. The book club I semi belong too is nice, but too far of a drive after a day at the office and it's held at a bookstore. I want the kind held at someones home, you know the kind where hors d'oeuvres are served with tea or wine, and it's more of a bonding thing than anything else. The house of Mrs. Food for Thought is the idyllic place for this. The way she reviews books is so up my alley. She finds a food theme in each book she reads, prepares that dish with a highly creative set and props with her amazing views from her Northern California home as a backdrop. The blend of books, comfort cuisine, photography, and setting make this a Top Notch blog in my book.

I spent most of yesterday morning going through her old posts, something this very busy girl rarely has time for... but I promise if you love books, food, and photography you will definitely appreciate this blog. I'm also thinking she should have the biggest Annual Book Club Potluck at her home, wouldn't that be grande?

I am hoping to participate in her next Food for Thought post on Nov. 27th! Find out how you can participate HERE!

P.S. You must see the Fondue in a Pumpkin post & quick before your Thanksgiving grocery shopping this weekend!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. you are so cute, thanks for mentioning me! i really hope you can get into this virtual book club, its such a quirky way to review books, but let me tell you its a blast! first you have to love to read, and i can see you do, you must love to take pics, and frankly your blog screams that, then you gotta eat, and if you are alive, i assume something is passing over your teeth...

    once your start food for thought it becomes a way of live, you will LOVE the extra hands on time you spend with your book, trust me, food is mentioned in every single of the 126 books i read this year. ok, all but ONE, but authors always slip in something here and there, its inevitable you will bump into something :)

    check out my other fft cohort mary at this link~
    she does the most fantastic pictorial reviews you will think you have died and gone to the prettiest library in heaven. fft is about self expression, all with a little nudge from the author, i do hope you will join in soon, love to SEE what you are reading~

    thank you!

  2. I'm so with you on books shelved to be returned to at a later date...I'm guilty of starting, stopping, picking up another, if they don't grab me~ meanwhile I'm always on the look out even though my TBR pile is overflowing!

    I don't have a book club I belong to so I'm happy to play along & enjoy Jain's online book club~ I agree though, I'd love to be at Mrs. FFT's house happily munching on the food passage prepared & sipping a glass of tea or wine... :-)

  3. what a beautiful blog!! I'm a new follower, found you through the rockstar diaries! hope you have a great weekend!! :)

  4. aww you should join book club bloggers :) there is a button at the bottom of my page!


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