Thanksgiving Weekend

Behind the Scenes

This Thanksgiving we had a quiet dinner for two at our home. I made my second turkey in my life, and I must say that I Rocked the kitchen. The timing was perfect for everything, and my stuffing, green bean salad, mashed potatoes, and turkey were all pretty good. Believe me, I'm pretty hard on myself in the kitchen, but everything went well, except for the cobbler. We forgot to take it out of the oven, oops! It turned into blackberry crisp, though still edible. :)

My sweetie making the cobbler...

Prepping the stuffing the night before.

For inside the turkey: lemon, grapefruit, sage, rosemary, oregano & butter!

Smothered with butter, salt & herbs de Provence
and ready to go!


Turkey coma :)

I had to work for a half-day on Friday...
as the stock market doesn't close,
especially for Black Friday.


The courtyard Christmas tree.

I braved the Boca Raton mall after work, which puts Beverly Hills to shame for people watching. Saturday, I enjoyed a no-computer day, did a little shopping, went to the movies to see Love & Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hathaway, it was much better than anticipated. Then spent a relaxing evening flipping though InStyle, Better Homes & Conde Nast Traveler. Today, I had a chick flick marathon at home and crafted some ornaments!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Us too..just a small Thanksgiving get together... live too far away from my family, so we spend it with friends = )

    You look adorable in your apron!

  2. ...and what a fabulous day you had!!! even the cat was happy and relaxed...wonderful recount of such a great day!
    You sure look adorable on this gorgeous apron girl!

  3. Your Thanksgiving meal sounded superb !

  4. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving! And I'm impressed by the turkey! I've never made one... and I'm perfectly okay with that. :D

  5. i never thought to use graperuits, great idea, i always have 100s and 100s year round on my trees.

    kitty coma is adorable~

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend. I stuff my turkey with rosemary, oregano, sage, oranges, lemons and onions - it turned out wonderful too!! Food coma is very common in our house on Thanksgiving weekend,too...I spent all of yesterday watching my Christmas movies - love it!! Much love to you! xxoo :)

  7. your w/e sounds like it was fabulous! i made mark and i a little thanksgiving dinner and was so excited that it turned out successfully :) i didn't make a turkey though, if i had that might have been a different story!


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