Vizcaya Mansion: Miami

My Article & Photos

If you missed the post earlier this week about my article and photos in online magazine Belle Inspiration, here is the actual article. The black and white scans below don't do the magazine justice, but couldn't waste that precious ink. If you click on the photos with writing it is a little easier to read... or catch the sneak peak of Belle Inspiration HERE or subscribe!

Some of these pics were in my Rococco Inspired post a few months back, along with photos of the Isobella Mansion in Italy, which you may also recogonize as some of my PR pics for PHOTOgraphy Getaways!

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  1. congrats on your article, your pics are wonderful. i LOVE viscaya, one of my favorite places~

  2. wow lady, those are amazing!!!! nice job!!

  3. I am now your newest Facebook Fan! :)

  4. I wanted to say Congrats on being published!!!! The article is full of photos.... so, tell me, how many copies did you buy?


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