Winter Wonderland

Mom sent me some pics of her Saturday morning walk...

They went to buy snow blower, and had to rush back before the next snow storm...

Here is the difference in 24 hours...

Oh, and Dad sent a gorgeous autumn pic of his driveway in Tennessee this morning...

What was I doing yesterday?
Wearing a tank top & dancing with the seagulls in sunny Florida!!

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  1. I love white winter scenes. I wish I could see one next month... For the meantime, I'll enjoy your mom's pretty photos! :)

  2. Brrrrr, those snow pics make me COLD!! It's 80 here in TX right now... weird, even for us but I'm not complaining one bit! :)

  3. wow beautiful winter !!!!!!!!

  4. you got all the weather covered from sun and fun to fall and snow~ i live 2 hours from your mom, was a wild storm yesterday with hail, thunder and lightning for hours.

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  6. What an amazing collection of beautiful photos ! The only one missing is a picture of you on the beach. :)

  7. Oh, I love pictures of snow. I am in Dallas this week where it's 80 until Thursday when the high will drop to 45!

  8. haha that's awesome that your in a tank top & everyone else has snow!! aww.

    Melanie's Randomness


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