It's true! I watched Julie & Julia yet again this Saturday night. It has been my goal to try a Julia meal once a month since last summer, and maybe now that I'm putting it in writing, and a new year will be starting soon, this can be a new goal. "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" is just so darn intimidating, and I get caught in needing photos when reading recipes. It's also true that "My Life in France" by Julia Child is the only thing on my Christmas list so far this year.

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  1. I think I have to get that for my mom! how adorable!! :)

  2. This post has inspired me as well... I really want to make Ratatouille, my mother made it not long ago, and is that one of her recipes in the book?

    I sure hope you get this for Christmas!

  3. Aww, so fun. My friend is cooking her way through Julia's Art of French Cooking. She's a third of the way through and even though it's pretty expensive, she's ten kinds of awesome for doing it. I love J&J!

  4. ooo maybe it should be on my list too!

  5. So fun and cute, this pic. We don't have Julia's Art of French Cooking over here but I'd totally need her advice. Hello dear, have a wonderful week. Can you believe tomorrow's December? I can't. Please don't miss the giveaway I'm hosting, that starts tomorrow. Talk soon, tons of kisses.


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