2010 Travel Year End Review

Travel Photography

(Photo from Amsterdam post...read here.)

I was blessed to have 4 weeks off this year. Although, I didn't make it to Europe this year, I did share lots of my travel photography from years past in this calendar year. But next year should be much different as things are about to change... since I did all my saving and planning for launching PHOTOgraphy Getaways, which kicks off in just 5 months in Ireland, France, & Italy in June... and Switzerland, Germany & Austria in September. The planning has been going on since summer though, and the work never stops. But it's all a labor of love. And hopefully this time next year, I will have an amazing collection to report for my 2011 Travel Year End Review.

My Travel Photography from past travels posted this year:


Read more here...


Read complete post here...

A great post... check it out here!

To read all Switzerland posts click HERE... which also features Zermatt & Lugano posts from 2009. Both gorgeous destinatations as well!

Versailles, France
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Rococco Inspired Mansions
Isola Bella, Italy & Vizcaya, Miami
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Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

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Bath, England
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Spooky Travels
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Other travel photography of interest:
Scott Rubey's photography of the Northwest, and Lynn Lynch's photography of Canyonland & Morocco.

My footsteps this year:
* Las Vegas * Tahoe Twice! *Tennessee * Ohio * South Carolina 3 times! (Beaufort, Charleston, & Savannah, Ga.)

You can catch my more "down to earth" travel posts in my Adventures posts,  or my Truckee posts, or read all of my MANY Travel posts, which feature anything from my photography to dream destinations to unique inns!
Way too many to list in one post... so if you're a newer follower with a wanderlust heart, you'll enjoy scrolling through them!

Happy Traveling!!

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  1. so many wonderful images, what a wonderful job you have created~

  2. I could honestly move to switzerland, or nearly anywhere in Europe = ) Happy New Year.. and what fab pictures.. making me homesick...

  3. All this awesome traveling... I have to ask. Ever been to Texas? :)


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