The Classics

Clothbound Penguin Classics

In preparation for my 2011 reading list, I've been planning since July to enroll the Classics into my plans because regretfully I haven't read many of them yet. Even though I've secretely fantasized about going back to school to get my master's in literature, just to study and absorb great works of the past sitting by a fireplace with a cup of tea.

However, with these pretty hardbound cloth books available at Anthropologie, I am very excited to start this venture. So Santa, these books are available HERE.

Do you have any reading goals for 2011 yet?
What genre of books do you enjoy?

My current favorites besides cookbooks are:
crime & investigation
as well European History
(more of a fascination coinciding with travel).

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  1. good for you setting goals, thats what i had to do when menopause robbed me of brain cells... i vowed to read 100 books a year, i have been on track ever since i decided to actively corral my reading again. as long as you dump soul survivor there are so many fantastic books out there~

    i love all genres except romance, sex and violence. i like to mix up reading so every book is off to a new feel and topic. i already have at least 150 books set for next year, the problem is keep buying twice as many as i read... my goal is to not buy anything new for jan and feb and read what i have, i doubt i can stick to it, i am a sucker for new books!

    good luck reading the classics, i personally prefer a page turner any day, there is nothing worse for me then nursing a slow read, it dulls the senses... i want to be excited to come back and finish my story quickly, if that wanderlust isn't there, it just ruins the flow on nonstop reading for the week, month or year!

  2. They look so pretty! I love Anthropologie! I actually want to read more of the classics too! I know there is a new Jane Eyre movie coming out. I definitely want to read that before the movie comes out! =)

    Hey lady!! I'm running a small giveaway over at my blog! If you get a chance take a look!!

    $55 CSN Stores Giveaway!!

  3. Ohh I saw the exact same Alice in Wonderland a couple of days ago (the one with the flamingos)! They are all so pretty!
    And - I have the same goal at the moment! I love reading but I always tend to buy not-so-well-known books by not-so-well-known authors and most of the time (with few exceptions) the read isn't that good. So why not stick to the ones you're sure are good? :)
    Have you decided your "first" read yet?


  4. I've been wanting some of those books from Anthro forever! I need to find Emma!

  5. Hm.... Gosh, I'm an i reader... the only books I really do collect are cookbooks.. and gesh, with my language and law studies... It might be impossible for me.. but I do like self help books, and tutorials.. strange, I know..

  6. Those are SO pretty. I love the classics and reading, so much! I like novels and history and biographies :)


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