Happy Friday!

Countdown to Christmas

What a week! It has been my busiest work week of the entire year, and my head is about to burst... but here are 3 Little Joys of my Day...

Wearing boots, leggings, scarf & a pea coat in South Florida today...
in a land where socks don't exist for 360 days of the year
and flip flops are as much of a staple as bread and water. 

A free M&M cookie from Panera.

A little Christmas shopping for the ladies in my life... and I must say how I'm excited about the gifts I got. As a blogger, shopping for gifts is torture because I want to share everything I got, but then it would ruin the surpise for my lovely ladies. But I will say I scored big time at the sales at Anthropologie!

Have a very Happy Weekend!

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  1. O.M.G. I have not had M&M's in... can't remember... did it get that cool in Florida? January is super, super nice weather!!! YAY..and countdown to xmas... are you ready, your tree is finished right?

  2. Hehehe I jsut recently had M&M's (love them) but it was years since. Love the first pic you rock :)


  3. I totally wore flip flops with my puffer coat the other night. HA!

  4. You were the winner of my cannoli necklace giveaway!! Please send me your address so I can mail out to you...congrats!!

  5. Uummmmmmm, I'm going to need that cookie in my life. NOW. YUM!

  6. those cookies look so marvelous, I want to make some!!!


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