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Last month, I posted about rediscovering my old Hershey's Centennial Classics cookbook, and shared a brownie recipe. I also made fudge recently from a recipe in this book, and it was AMAZING. Growing up, I used to live 30 minutes away from the Hershey's factory near Oakdale, California! Can you imagine?! We always used to take field trips and out-of-towners to visit. Driving up to the factory, you'd smell the aroma of hot chocolate seeping through the vents in the car, and the darling lamposts designed like little Hershey's kisses greeted you as you drove into the factory! But the best part was seeing the pools of melted chocolate in the factory, and getting the free samples afterward. My favorite souvenir from their gift shop was the chocolate scented pencils!

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  1. You make me daydream big time with your posts, wish I was there with you. Sending out much love for the beginning of the last week before Christmas. Talk soon.

  2. haha i remember the field trips, except I was going to the one on the East Coast... even the streets during Christmas had candy kisses with bows around them... it was very... picturesque christmas card..

    I bet being in Germany during the holiday is certainly magical, right?


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