New Year's Eve

Fashion Friday

Had a bit of a cold this week, but still did my best to dress up a little.
New Year's Resolution? To wear only dresses and skirts for as long as possible, with the exception of leggings and tights. I'm tired of boring work pants!

You may recognize this black bucket hat from the Target commerical... they soooo sold me! Must be the dreamer in me...

I totally wear hats.

Happy New Year's Eve!

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  1. How cute, you look like a high fashion model.

  2. Best idea ever. I get SO SICK of work pants too. I've been rocking leggings like it's going out of style lately. SO much easier and much more comfortable. :) Happy New Year!

  3. Right on.... me too.. time to step it up.. btw, you look fantastic in hats = )


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