Our Winter Solstice

Lunar Eclipse

Last night, I had a big agenda with loads to get done, which I did, but when the man in my life sent me a picture message from the grocery store with Pillsbury sugar cookies in his cart, I couldn't help but seize that rare moment of him begging me to bake with him, (as rare as a lunar eclipse on a Winter Solstice)! So I instructed him step-by-step along the way, and though it took a total of about 15 minutes, it was a nice little Christmas memory for us to keep.

Also, I set my alarm for 2:40am last night to see the lunar eclipse! Ouch that was hard... but I figured, because it is such a rare occasion, and I read that in many places cloudy skies may prevent many from being able to witness it. But as the conditions lined up perfectly in South Florida for a clear crisp night, I put my contacts back in at 2:45am and tiptoed outside with my camera. I had thought prior to going to sleep that since I only live a mile from the beach, that I might drive over and steal a few pics with the tripod. Well, I was not that ambitious and secretly glad the moon was in the opposite direction of the beach at that hour, so I wouldn't kick myself in the butt in the morning for not going. I couldn't even muster up the energy to drag the tripod from the condo to our parking lot. But I did try to steady the camera on the rail and attempt to hold my breath to get these shaky shots...

And from earlier in the evening...

Did you get to enjoy the moon last night?

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  1. What great moon pictures, and those sugar cookies look divine!

    Liesl :)

  2. Those moon photos are great. I've tried to photograph the moon before, and it just comes out as a tiny dot so much respect to you!

    And those cookies look delicious! x

  3. Haha, awwww! Yay for making cookies together. :) And I'm impressed you stayed up for the eclipse... we had perfect skies here in TX but I couldn't keep my eyes open. :(

  4. Wonderful photos!! And the baking with your man is fabulous and looks yummy!! xxoo :)

  5. Great moon photos!! I thought about trying to get up, but the skies were cloudy here..So, I secretly was kind of relieved :))) I admire your ambition!!

  6. Yea... what great moon shots... I didn't even know about it... I must be so aloof these days = )


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