Post Office Rendezvous

Holiday Rants...

Last night, I wrapped gifts, prepped the baked goods, and organized for the dreaded post office today. What a joy that was! I recalled blogging about last year's wonderful post office holiday's experience, and therefore tried to make everything easier this year. Opting for priority mail even though still early, I opted for this route since parcel post has taken over a month in the past. No such luck with being proactive.

It's always fun to fluster about with hands full of boxes, and sliding even more boxes with your feet in a long line, then finally reaching the counter in a stressed daze until you hear the total and it snaps you coldy back to reality. It was a delight to hear my little box to the UK was going to cost $45, almost 3x as much as the value, and after spending that amount already for the other packages. Thanks, but no thanks USPS, it's now apparent why the rumors are afloat about your financial troubles, because you want to charge a barrel of oil for each package, thereby killing the holiday spirit for the small number of us who still believe in sending packages. So, I'm thinking next year it may be more economical to hire a charted plane to ship presents or abandon my traditionalist ways, and rethink this so-called CyberMonday with free shipping option. Bummer, at least my office enjoyed the baked goods.

Are you a believer in gifts or gift cards?

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  1. I avoid the post office at all costs, however my heart goes out to postal workers as my brother and sister are out there lugging everyones mail to their homes. Especially this time of year is quite the load for them with all the packages and catalogs.

    I am a believer in both - gifts and gift cards - I do a mix of them each year!

    Glad to hear your office enjoyed the baked goods, we have ALOT of them arriving at our office daily and I am in a constant state of FULL...xxoo :)

  2. Hint: Next year, go online and set up an account with USPS. Order ( for FREE) the different sized Flat Rate boxes.
    Wrap your gifts, put them in the boxes, print out and pay for your Priority Mail labels AT HOME, and then simply drop your boxes off at the post office !! Most post offices have a designated area to simply walk in with your labeled boxes and set them on the counter. Then you will gaily prance out of the post office full of Holiday joy ♥

  3. maybe we can all go in on the chartered plane together!! Shipping to Switzerland is outrageous...

  4. Oh, the woes of postage prices, they really are a pain. I'm sure you'll find someway around it to spread you holiday cheer :D


  5. gosh.. I missed so many of your posts... I need to update my rss feed reader.. what the heck.. I second that.. can you ship me too? I'm not traveling internationally this but I'm doing it domestically.. heck there are so many parts of this here land I have not seen yet.


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