Weekend with Dad

in South Florida

We had beautiful weather here in South Florida this weekend. Dad and I cruised down A1A in Fort Lauderdale to see the shimmery ocean, beach goers, and massive cruise ships in Port Everglades. Then explored the shops and restaurants of Las Olas and Riverfront. Here we are posed outside of Briny Pub.

(Hate this pic of me, put it on for you Dad!)

We enjoyed lunch at Argie Grill,
a small empanada eatery
featured on Rachael Ray's, $40 a Day
a few years ago.
It's sort of a tradition I show my epicurious visitors.

Dad ordered Chicken & Mushrooms.
I had fresh mozzarella.
(with chimichurri sauce...
this makes it the 2nd time this week I've had chimchurri sauce- yum!)

I just HAD to bake him something while he was here,
so I made my flower shaped popovers again!
They made the house smell amazing...

P.S. If you follow on Facebook,
you may already know that Google placed my World Cartoon Day post on Friday
as the top listed search for: National Cartoon Day.

Thanks Google...
you rocked my daily views this weekend!!!

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  1. that looks and sounds so fun :) I'm jealous of your food!

  2. So happy you and your Dad had a good weekend ! Your popovers look amazing !

  3. Ah, how great you got to spend time with your Pops. You both look like you were enjoying yourselves lots!

  4. Now this is my kind of weekend!! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. I love the top of that awning outside the Pub! Aww you guys are cute! I wish I had some of your weather!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  6. I'm so glad you two had the week-end together. The pictures are adorable. You are building precious memories.


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