My Neighbor

I've mentioned before that I work across the street from Anthropologie and sneak over there ever so often for a little break-time therapy. What better neighbor than one offering up this cozy chair I've been pining after for months...

Or artistic little vases like these for only $8...

They are so sweet to offer a perfume in my honor as well...

Did I ever mention my 'someday cottage' or 'loft' has rustic sanded floors like the ones at Anthropologie?

Even though I had a giftcard burning a whole in my pocket, sometimes I can never decide between a new adorable dress to go with the New Year's Resolution, or another darling apron...
or idyllic odds and ends like clocks, stationary, Volupsa candles, or books such as, "Things I Want My Daughter to Know" or "Happiness for Two".

Here is also a funny little clip I did for the blog when I bought my holiday ornaments and pie goodies last month, but I never posted it because my shirt was popping open! (ha... funny to laugh about it now).


Happy Tuesday!

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  1. LOVE Antro... Definitely my favorite place to go to browse... they have a little bit of everything and amazing sales!

  2. Happy new year colette!!! so excited to get back to reading your blog :) I'm finally home from my vacay in the US - fighting some jet lag :) Hope you had an amazing holiday!!

  3. Those aprons are so cute. I need one desperately! I'll admit... I use a towel or my pants. OH THE SHAME!!!

  4. Love Anthropologie! Things I Want My Daughter To Know - is fabulous! I bought that book for my daughter a few years ago. xxoo :)

  5. Go for the dress, it's cute! :)


  6. i really... really like the princess chair, in fact, I LOVE it. I have been trying to figure out our living furniture for the house... and I think I want a sofa, and these two type of chairs...

  7. haha just saw the vid... I have d cups...and well... I'm always popping out.

  8. Hi, lovely store. I'm stopping by from Bonbon rose girls. I saw the name Nicolette and had to stop by although my name is Nicole I use Nicolette as an alias for my creative side. LOL

  9. I discovered Anthropologie when I went to Boston last year and I just adored it!!

    Such a sweet shop and so many wonderful things!
    (love those vases!)

    Maybe one day it will arrive to Portugal!!! (ppleeaasssseee!!)

    Happy New Year Colette!

    kisses from across the ocean!


  10. I love that store. :) I got the M-cup in NYC and I use it all the time.

    Happy New Year, Colette! (I would so buy that perfume if I was you!)
    And ps - cute video. ;)

  11. You work across the street from an Anthroplogie??!?!!!!!! Omg I'd be soo broke!!!! I love those aprons!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  12. Those vases are such a steal! LOVE!

  13. Ah great post! Thank you for sharing this :)



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