Monday, January 17, 2011

Belle Inspiration

& Our Weekend

Belle Inspiration January 15th Sneakpeak.

This weekend....  is still going on for me: 3-day weekend- yes!

What I did:
* Read 2 magazines cover-to-cover, reading all articles... don't know the last time I did that... Real Simple and Belle Inspiration... where you can read my article on Hosting a Winter Soiree with fondue and sugar cookies. (See my blog preview here.)
*Reading My Life in France with a cat in my arms for 2 hours, reading blogs, while trying to chicken-peck comments to my dear friends while not disturbing her slumber.
*Made exceptional filet mignons for dinner on Saturday!
*Rented The Town, Coco & Igor, The Boys are Back (which is filmed in a beautiful part of Austrailia-loved it!)
* Giftcard shopping from the holidays - new silverware!
*Had Date Night - dinner at Red Lobster (lobster, scallops, and shrimp... oh my! It's been yearrrrs since I've been there... another giftcard!) & saw The Dilemna (another giftcard! & our 3rd time in 3 years actually going to a night movie). Re-enacting our first date, I even wore the shirt from the first night we met. :)
* Staying up until 2:45am on Sunday writing and photo editing because I. Don't. Have. To. Work. Today!
*Had a wonderful photo shoot, where everything just came together beautifully!
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  1. That reminds me...We got our issue of Belle Inspiration. Must read it stat!

  2. WOW girl you sure did a lot in a short weekend! :) I must admit apart from my admission exam I spent most of it in my PJs! :)

  3. Oh my. Lobster one night, and steak the next....yum !!

  4. Oooh some seriously tasty food this weekend! Gotta love those giftcards too! :)

  5. that sounds like an ideal weekend to me!!! i must go check out your fb page :)



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