Friday, January 28, 2011

Freedom Friday


I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll give you the short version first. I quit my job.

Well, respectively I gave over a 4 1/2 week notice. I've been employed for over 4 years as a client services manager for an investment advisory firm for high networth clients. Leaving was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I debated for months, maybe even years about when I would do it. I'm pretty sure those close to me, never thought I would actually do it. But when the day I said I would do it, came and gone, a few times over, I finally had to look to my Chinese fortunes I save next to my mousepad, that I stare at for 8 hours a day, that say: Let your heart guide you. I prayed, took a deep breath, looked at it one last time for encouragement, got up and walked to his office. My co-workers have been my surrogate family since I moved to Florida not knowing a soul. They have treated me like a granddaughter, sister, and friend. Protected me during the recession. Day after day, I watched CNBC from my cubicle watching the volatile swings, all the while holding on tightly to my job, knowing they were looking after me. I should have had a T-shirt stating: I survived the Economic Crash. It made it even harder since I was given the option to advance my education to further my career. While I enjoy the investment world, and I have been good at it, (I mentioned before that I was in the Top 1% on 2 seperate competitions for the CNBC portfolio challenge (over 100,000 participants, in a male-dominated industry, I will go so far as to say, that kicks some royal ass!) I'm a creative person at heart, and couldn't bear to watch another 10 years go by wondering "what if?"

My roles of anwering phones, sorting mail, and well being a glorified gal-Friday after 8 years were weighing on me, since about, well 8 years ago. But I plugged, pressed on, and tucked those hard earned pennies away, waiting, posting about my dream jobs, wondering what the hell am I going to do?

My dream has always always ALWAYS been to be self-employed. I just couldn't decide what was best for me... writer, bakery owner, Bed & Breakfast (still a dream), join the circus (jk), you get the point. But after looking at the daily routine and financials of running a bakery, waking at 4am, never being able to leave the shop; making cupcakes was quickly looking like a nightmare.

I started to think about how I wanted to spend my days, besides writing and blogging. Traveling is my favorite thing in the whole world. And I always catch myself obsessively capturing every step with the camera. Wanting to explore the history sites, taste the food, and experience the culture. Call me a dreamer - I don't care. Life is too short. Looking at devoting a portion of the year to travel, and the rest to business development and marketing was looking like it could work. That's how one fine day in June... the idea of Photography Getaways was born.

After my years of being indecisive, when the idea of Photography Getaways struck me, I knew I had found it, and immediately put plans quietly into play within the same week.

I wanted to offer a similar experience as the escorted tours I'd been on to photography enthusiasts who want to see the world. People who are interested in the same thing, who share the same euphoric feeling I do when I discover a new place, that inital awe and wonder of when you first see a new place, and can't wait to start capturing it. I didn't want to offer the same workshop style other photographers do, I wanted something a little different... a combination of a tour and a workshop, to add the culture, bonding, siteseeing and regional dining.

And so I waited until the right month when everything was set and I could and should finally give 100% of myself to my dreams... as I mentioned my New Year's Resolution was one main thing: to be true to myself. This was it.

So, now I will be taking a leap of faith. I know I'm not alone, and so optimistic for this year! I know it's going to be the best yet! It's so encouraging to see the success of other bloggers, and know that blogging has opened the door to so many possiblities. I've got big plans to make my blog even better... which I'm so excited for! Which I'll be starting with the return of 14 Days of Love, February 1st! I'll also be doing some guest blogging, and participating in more group blog posts. So if you're interested in having me guest blog, please do let me know! Also, I'll be hosting regular giveaways! Let me know if you'd like to sponsor a giveaway! Want to advertise? Interested in the Etsy shop? Join us on a Photography Getaway? Or please support by spreading the word... following on Facebook, Twitter, or Bloglovin'!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Ah Nicolette!!!! I so could have written this post, but I think you know that... I've been meaning to respond to your email a couple of weekds ago (sorrrryyy :(), but what i really wanted to say is do it! Funny thing, it sounds like we're finishing our job the same time to start a new career in photography (end of Feb, right? :) I'm so so excited for you and I know you made the right decision! I was full of fear and doubts before I left a boring job in which, like you, I was very good at. But you know what... ever since I quit I wake up every morning happy! HAPPY! Best of luck with your future in blogging and Photography Getaways! I know you'll do great! I KNOW!!!! :D
    I feel like we are soul sisters now! :D
    Big hug lady! You've done the best thing one can do for herself, be proud!

  2. Congrats, I know you'll be wonderful at anything you set your mind to! Happy weekend to you! xxoo :)

  3. Congrats on your leap of faith! I know you will do so great! :)

  4. Oh, wow! How amazing! This is such a delightful new chapter in your life! It's the first day of the rest of your life! Count on my prayers as you journey into a new beginning! This is so wonderful for you and I'm excited to see how everything plays out!


  5. Congratulations for making the move! Here's to your future success...I know it's going to be a good one!
    Wish I could do something similar :-)
    Look forward to riding along and reading all about it on here....

  6. Oh wow! Congratulations!!! :) This is soooo exciting! I've actually looked at your photography link and mentioned to The Love that perhaps when we take a vacation we could join your photography trip! Super excited for you!!!

  7. Good for you!!! I wish you all the best-- have a great weekend!

  8. omplimenti!bellissimo questo film!

  9. Wow! Congratulations for being that brave and following your heart.. it's not as easy as it sounds, is it?
    I wish you all the best!


  10. congrats colette! it's awesome that you're going for your dream :)


  11. So many congratulations to you for quitting!! How crazy but I am sure you feel better now and can invest in visiting to Switzerland as often as you can, haha!!! Good for you!!! (and aw, luzern :))

  12. OH... I'm here for you, as you know, I did just that this past summer... it's not 100% easy, quitting a job, and what I love about you is, we think the same... it's better to take a leap toward your dream, wants, goals, desires, than to live a life of wondering "what if I did" or with regrets of not even trying.

  13. Good for you!!! I wish you all the luck in the world!!

  14. Dude! I'm proud of you! I'm stuck in the middle of 'I want to but I'm scared to death' right now... so I completely understand. Good for you!! And good luck. :)



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