Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gorillas & Chimps

Primates Part II


Love. That. Belly.

This guy kept scratching his armpits...

Then licking his fingers... it was a riot.

And here was the big boy on campus, the Silver Back elder, aka the mature pack leader.

He was getting annoyed with all the attention, so he got up...

and turned his back to us!
Don't you just love his ham hocks (my secret name for 'buns')?


Getting his vitamin C.

We'll call him Gumby.

Begging for more...

Either we were watching them, or they were watching us.

Funny thing. I've met a Chimp before. When I first moved to Florida 4 years ago, I went to the carwash. A white van pulled up next to me at the vaccuum. Two guys got out of the van and unloaded a chimp. I can't remember who approached who, but the next thing I know a chimp is shaking my hand, and giving me a big hug. His affectionate slap on my back sure packed a firm wallop though, just enough to let you know though domesticated, they still have the ability to run the roost. True story. I later googled his name, can't remember now, but he was a Hollywood actor, and after a little bit of research I was saddened to learn that sometimes the animals are beaten to be trained. But I like to focus on the fact that I got a hug from a chimp at a carwash... now I can chalk that off my list of 1,000 Things to Do Before I Die.

Ever had a cool animal experience?

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  1. wauw stunning pictures!! I can't help but really thinking about Tarzan when I see this haha :p Love it!!



  2. Hahah I love the zoo! Great pictures x

  3. lovely pictures...and I wish I too could get a hug from a chimp!

  4. His poor dry hands makes me want to send him some cream... hehe he's a cutie.

  5. WHOa.. are those gums or dentures? haha sorry...



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