Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Muffin

From Previous Sweets & Treats

I've begun a couple of posts today. But it's one of those days. Completely uninspired. Exhausted. Wishing I had the time and inspiration for everything. Wanting to work on everything all at once, and being left with analysis paralysis, therefore doing nothing at all. Completely frustrated that I'm developing carpel tunnel at 28 in my hand from spending all day on the computer at work, and all night on the computer at home. Angry at myself for reasons far beyond eating these muffins I made last night, for bringing the rest to work so I wouldn't eat them, then eating not one but two anyway this afternoon after successfully going raw again until 3:00pm. So, until tomorrow...


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  1. Oh hon...don't beat yourself up. Tomorrow will be brighter!

    Have another muffin and call it a day!

  2. Those are some beautiful muffins.

    Also, I think we all have days like that sometimes. Tomorrow will be sunnier. :)

  3. Breathe.....once, twice,....ten times. Slowly.
    Exhale s l o w l y.
    Stretch out, call Sage to cuddle with you, and allow your mind to take you on a peaceful journey.

  4. Awh cheer up! :) Everything will be okay.

  5. this makes me feel like I need to make some sooN :)

  6. I feel so OLD compared to you... I've got about six years on you... I've had those days, when I start out inspired, and then I get nothing done at all. Just get back on your wagon again.. I'm rooting for you.. and you are inspiring me to get back to my "just have one" rule.

  7. Definitely don't beat yourself up, just try again tomorrow!! xxoo :)



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