Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Popcorn Days

Good Eats Wednesday

The good thing about blogging about food... everyone knows I love things for the kitchen! Even though it's a few weeks after Christmas, still going to share all things I received that will make the food portion of the blog that much better, like this adorable red popcorn popper by American Era with a butter warmer on top.

Other great kitchen gifts...

A Cuisinart 9-cup Food Processor.
A non-stick Calphalon pan.
Deluxe Popcorn Maker.
A lasagna trio pan.
Homemade blackberry jam and tomato raspberry jam from my Dad's garden.
Spices, vinegars, and sugars.
Gourmet Sea Salt & Pepper.
A gorgeous bamboo salt mill and walnut pepper mill.
The beautiful rolling pin and pie dish I bought myself!
Simply from Scratch book by Alicia Bessette.
A cannoli necklace from Bakery Bling on Etsy I won on a giveaway from NYC, Style & a Little Cannoli blog.

Here are some of my non-kitchen items: a diamond necklace and earring set from my grandmother, travel organizer, massagers, MyChelle skin care set, giftcards, and a Firewood candle by Henri Bendels = best scent ever!

Thanks to everyone for making it a special holiday!


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  1. New award for you over at my blog honey! Congrats!

    Kori xoxo

  2. I just love everything!! And what is the travel organizer???

  3. Some very nice gifts. I love the popcorn maker and food processor.

  4. such amazing photos. they have a vintage quality feel to them. great great gifts.

  5. You made out good this year!!! A 9 cup processor is the best.. RIGHT? OKay.... I need to google that popper.. oh. I am contacting the company for the hair care/beauty products.. I really think you'd like it. Worst case.. I can ship you some = )



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