Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Teas & Spices

Good Eats Wednesday

If you've been reading awhile, you know I have a love for tea. You may have even read about my favorite green tea in the macaron post. I've been wanting to post about Teas & Spices for awhile, but because my Mom reads the blog I didn't want to ruin her Christmas present.  I've been obsessed with the Spice Station Etsy shop for about a year, and have been wanting to get her a gift from here, but I ended up doing some shopping at The Spice & Tea Exchange instead.

I think I may have to try it this tea variety set where you can be your own chemist/ teaologist!

P.S. The green tea with toasted rice I drink normally everyday is sold here,
or read the macaron post again.
Everyone has time for a macaron! 

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  1. The set looks adorable! That's the perfect mom present, isn't it?
    I adore tea, the green brand may not be my favourite, but I do share the love :)


  2. We are still getting in to tea, I need to get some fun things like a tea pot and that thing you put the tea in and put in your glass. Clearly I need to learn more!

  3. THis set looks great! I love tea too, but only when it's cold lol. Kori xoxo

  4. I have to send you some green tea from here, I like the astringent bitter taste (tells me I'm drinking for health).. it's very bitter and strong, but I love that... I was so shocked to see it sold abroad with honey.... do you use loose tea? Or can you buy green tea in 2 liter bottles like we do here?



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