Thursday, January 6, 2011

Titlis Rotair

Travel Thursday

I've been blessed to ascend 3 mountains in the Swiss Alps, all in different locations. The Titlis (about 45 minutes from Lucerne) was the highest of my accomplishments at 10,000 feet. After 2 gondolas rides, and then smashing about 30 people into one rotating gondola, a heavenly view awaits...

A view from below...

Starting the journey...
Going through the clouds!

The reason Switzerland has the best water...

and glacier blue lakes...

We're almost there!
Finally... in rare terrority man doesn't trample.
Inside a glacer at the top!

Goofing around at the summit with my tour guide, Danielle!

But of course, there is a restaurant at the top! And you know I would definatley have a picture of it...
Looks like a pile of ..., but the bolognese was actually very good!
Don't forget the meringues and pear water!

The scenic descent into the valley below...

Happy Traveling!!

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  1. Wow what an adventure! The pictures are just beautiful.

  2. Oh what fun... guess what.. haha those photos reminded me of the movie FROZEN.. oh my gosh...

  3. Amazing photos! Glad to have just found your blog via Tracy's :-)

  4. Amazing. Looks like you had such a great time. Talk soon

  5. Beautiful!

    And that's the funny thing about a lot of Italian food (and Mexican food for that matter) - it doesn't always look pretty, but it is SO tasty!

  6. That looks *brrr* but beautiful! Have a great weekend yourself! xxoo



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