Thursday, February 3, 2011

Travel Thursday

14 Days of Love

Love is... Exploration

As a young girl, I grew up with bicoastal parents and my travel bug began at an early age. Not to mention, I spent many weekends with my parents taking leisurely drives through the Sierra Nevadas. I'd daydream out of the backseat of the car gazing out as foothills became mountains. I've wanted to roam the land ever since.  It may also be because my Mom didn't let me drive too far in my little red Fiat at 16, so when I ventured off to an out-of-state college, I put the petal to the metal and went on many of my own day expeditions, even driving cross the U.S. 3 times! I'm great with directions, if I've been somewhere once, I can remember how to get there again with minimal directions. You will find no GPS in my car!

I've traveled MUCH on my own, and discovered the real value of independent soul searching travel, which I HIGHLY encourage to anyone no matter what your age, or situation. It's like Mom always told me, "a woman should live on her own for at least a year before getting married," spending that time getting to know yourself, survival, and even dating yourself are great for your soul. I feel the same about travel, "at one point everyone must do at least one soul searching trip on their own". You can read a little about my first real soul searching trip here...

Sometimes when I look back at my travel photos, I've captured so much scenery, and very little photos of people or myself. But the pictures I do have are of me alone, and it makes me a little sad, but at the same time, very proud that I was adventurous and brave, going after what I wanted even though I didn't have someone next to my side. The important thing is... I went! I was never alone, I met friends, travel soulmates with a wanderlust heart like my own.

Like they say, life is much better when you have someone to share your experiences with. That being said... love the one you're with, or love yourself! Those are the most important things when traveling, or else you won't enjoy your time. Whether you're solo, with someone special, or a friend... take the chance to create a memory! Life is short. Get out & Explore!

Happy Traveling!!
P.s. I was featured Brenda's blog,  A Time for Being Human.
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  1. this was such a beautiful entry, brought tears to my eyes. the way you so candidly speak about travel and how important it is to nourish your soul has deeply inspired me. thank you :) hope you have a wonderful thursday!!

  2. How beautiful are those buildings!!! I envy your traveling ways. =) The stories & the photos you have are awesome!

    Melanie's Randomness

  3. What a wonderful post, and a sweet peek into what makes you - you! I agree Get Out & Explore.
    You look like you are enjoying that crepe!
    Bonne journée,

  4. Aww what a great post! I love your traveling history! :)

  5. Look at the motif on those buildings... ohhhhhhh have you had the mille crepe cake?

  6. Wonderful pictures.. I wanna go there someday! I have to finish my study first tho. And the crepe looks yum!

  7. I am so jealous. One of the tops things on my "bucket list" is to take a journey somewhere by myself. I found that truly enjoying life in the company of just yourself is the best, most useful talent. So, as said, I am envious that you had the opportunity to do so in Paris! I've been twice... with my mom... but I would love to go to Europe, like you, by myself and exploring all the many things I want to do and no one else!! Hahaha, your 14 days of love are so wonderful to read, by the way! I'm looking forward to reading them all!


  8. I love this advice! I've never done it but I kind of want to..



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