Friday, February 4, 2011

Turn up the Heat

14 Days of Love

Love is... Spicy!

Ready to turn up the heat this weekend? Are you freezing cold where you are? Well I will not tell you that I'm wearing short sleeves today! Or that there was a Chocolate Decadence fundraiser last night in my courtyard near work and I feared all the pretty chocolate creations would melt as they set up. No, I will not rub it in, that I will be visiting my dad's new condo in Naples, Florida tomorrow either. :)

But I will leave you with these jalepeno appetizer's I experimented with this past weekend in prepartion for Super Bowl bites this weekend.

Jalepeno Cheese Boats

I cut fresh jalepenos in quarters lengthwise and removed the seeds and ribs from the peppers to maintain the heat. Then grated some Emmentaler cheese (because I had it in the fridge, a Mexican mix would be tasty though). Then I topped with a little bit of panko crumbs, sprinkled some chili powder and salt, and quickly spritzed with some non-stick spray to toast crumbs. Then popped in oven at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes or so.

Warning: Only make if you can handle the heat.


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  1. this looks amazing!!! i'm so glad you posted this before grocery shopping day!! i will definitely be making these sunday :) thanks for the award by the way!!! i've added it to my blog and beyond honored you picked me. it's always so flattering to get an award from one of your favorites!! happy weekend lovely!!

  2. These look amazing Colette!!! I wish I had a party to make them for! Have a great weekend friend. Kori xoxo

  3. Yum - I'll have to make these for Jay !

  4. if this doesn't clear up your sinuses, i don't know what else will! looks delish! xo

  5. Oh wow! They look great - and youve captured them wonderfully :)

    K xo

  6. You're in short sleeves? SO jealous!



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