Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

Highlights of the Week

1. Wearing my new Anthropologie top!

2. Mucho networking and advancement for Photography Getaways this week:

a.)  Face time with a major local & chain camera shop this week and leaving some business cards with the manager.
b. ) A power session learning soooo much more on my camera that will benefit me majorly!
c. ) My first PRish event taking photos for a American Foundation for Suicide Prevention event at the Top Rated Sundy House in Delray Beach, plus free advertising in the brochure.
d.) Meeting THIS fashion photographer... who would love to go to Ireland for Photography Getaways to film the workshop!
e.) Realizing some trial and error things on the Photography Getaways website that will help immensly for the future.
f.) Getting a start on the Photography Getaways SHOP on the main website...
g.) Getting to test some TOP of the line photography equipment for free for a few days!

3. Meeting a radio personality last night that I listen to every morning! Well at least up until a few weeks ago while I was getting ready for work the past few years.

4. Great hair returns!
I picked up my favorite shampoo while in Beaufort... which I will reveal and do a product review next week. This stuff works WONDERS for my naturally dry hair!
Plus I trimmed The Bangs. I got told twice last night, including by the radio personality, that "you look familiar... it must be The Bangs." Ha.

5. Gossip Girl marathon until 1:00am
Since The Bachelor has been on, I've been forced to choose between the two. I caught up on 4 GG episodes Weds night. Blair & Dan kiss??!!! I Love the Writers of Gossip Girl.

6. Missing the puppies!
Trying to dodge muddy puppy paws from getting on my new top.

7. Chatting with the African Grey parrot.


8. Coming dangerously close to being in a tornado yesterday (in Florida) I even saw flying metal debris!

Note: After prepping this post last night, I woke up to the disasters in Japan.
My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their lives and are affected by this...

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  1. oOO I love your top!! The blue looks really pretty on you!! Good for you with all the publicity and PR! =) I didn't realize there were tornadoes in Florida??? AHH!! Be Careful!! =) African Grey parots are beautiful!! I love that they talk!! =) Have a great weekend lady!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  2. Love this post. You look so fresh and pretty in each pic. Love your hair and I look forward to the product review.

  3. I love your Friday favorites, the top is just lovely & the necklace as well! are inspiring me to sport bangs this summer! :-)

  4. beautiful post! i can't wait to see how your photography business evolves! you looks stunning in those pictures by the way!! Happy Weekend!! :)

  5. My goodness, you've had a busy few days ! PR work, camera fun, camera WORK, making GO, girl ! Loved your new tops too.

  6. I SO wish I could rock bangs! You look gorg!

  7. It's so nice to see you friendly face.. I really do love your bangs... thank you so much for your message my friend... I'm still pretty freaked out about what is going on here in Japan... still having some aftershocks.. now the meltdown possibility... gesh

    I always hop to the chance going to a Nikon class.. there is still so much more to learn.. photography seems like it's constantly evolving and I can't keep up...

  8. Yayy!!! so glad you worked so much on the photography getaways!!!! thanks for your input on the balance post, it was good to hear, i've so loved reading everyones feedback.



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