Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photo Collages

This is My Tuesday

Since I pull out my camera for a ton of little things, many shots don't often make it to the blog, so I thought I would share some random photos with you from the past two weeks.

Going clockwise:

1. The brunch I promised to show you. Healthy whole wheat french toast and egg whites (p.s. I totally disregarded my wheat allergy and suffered itchy rosy cheeks for the day - it was worth it).
2. Architecture shot around my building.
3. Our little cat Boots relishes in his few moments outside each day. He's our little Bengel Tiger...
4. From yesterday's post... as I watched my camera began to slide on the tripod... or maybe I was practicing my surprised expression.
5. Rocks from the beaches of Wales. Still have them from one of my first European excursion at 16... shot them for my Set of Three for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
6. Fresh dough about to go in the oven for breadsticks with oregano. See the finished product HERE.
7. Balcony railing and shadows.


Here are my shots of the Supermoon. Better way late than never.
The first one was as we were driving slowly and I was pretty much sticking my head out the window to attempt a shot as the moon rose over the water. It was so cool, we saw the whole thing, but could not find parking in time! But I did manage to get the second one with the tripod directly from the sandy beach!

Question for bloggers: Which method do you use for collaging?
I've been using Picnik, but it seems to crash my internet all the time. Now I use Picasa.
Just curious about your preferences.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I've recently learnt how to do collages with Photoshop and there is no turning back now! It's a bit more difficult at first but once you get used to it the possibilities are endless! :D


  2. What pretty pictures! AAww Boots is cute! I love using fresh dough for pizza!! I like the railing and shadow pic too! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  3. Love your random photos :-)
    I'm keen to find a good collage tool too...

  4. I adore BOOTS!!!!
    SO cute!
    Hamish would love it if we got a cat, one day! One day!

  5. oooh, the moon photos are prettyy :)

  6. that supermoon and sailboat picture is WONDERFUL!!! and i use picasa...but I do two pictures at a time, screen shot and then put them all together in paintbrush. i know that is so complicated though!

  7. OHHHH I just adore that photo of you... when I use them, I use MCP by way of photoshop, and use a template, it's the best ever.



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