Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blithely Unaware

Good Eats Wednesday

Allow me to introduce my favorite Australian food bloggers, Merowyn & Hamish at Blithley Unaware. Hamish is a French Chef and Merowyn is a creative writer with loads of personality that comes out in each post. Every time I visit their blog, my stomach starts growling...  

These are four of their recent posts which had my mouth watering.
Click above for individual recipes.

In Merowyn's words:

I started my blog originally as a fashion thing and quickly realized my wallet couldn't support me buying new clothes everyday. I've always loved cooking, food and good produce. Hamish my partner has really helped me explore the culinary world more and more it's a huge part of our lives. The blog started to change into a food blog last year and finally I feel like I've (the blog has!!!) found my feet. It's a LOT of hard work and LOTS of fun. We have some amazing pipe dreams in the works but Hamish says we need a much stronger following before we can pursue those dreams. Hopefully in 12 months time we'll have exciting announcements and more ways for readers to be hands on involved with us. 

What is your all time favorite meal?
My all time favourite meal would have to be either Pho from our favourite Pho shop OR when Hamish cooks Scotch Fillet Steak with rosemary pomme puree and horseradish creme fraiche. These 2 meals make me very happy.  

What is your favorite cookbook? 
Favourite cookbook is definitely Hamish's old one with all his recipes he's created over the years. Also I've got a collection of my mum's recipes - they are priceless and have SO many memories attached to them.

What is your favorite restaurant in Melbourne? 
Favourite restaurant, oh my god I can't pick one!!!! I guess it depends on your mood, the occasion who you're with. A super expensive Michelin Star restaurant could be just as satisfying and memorable as yum cha at your favourite Chinese place. Even Mcdonalds can be AMAZING if you're in the right mood for it hahaahahaa people will probably think that's silly but it's true!!!!! Every restaurant has it's place!!!

If you come to Melbourne definitely try: Miss Chu, Bistro Vue, Le Cellier, Che Thu on Victoria St for Pho, Mopho, Rockpool, Ladro... oh my god I could go on and on!!!! 

 All photos are property of Blithely Unaware.

Visit Blithely Unaware for a little bit of deliciousness,
& an upcoming giveaway open to residents of the EU. 

   Bon appetit!


  1. what a great link, definitely makes me wish i had more skymiles :)

  2. Love the guest post!!! Thank you for introducing us = )

  3. Oh wow those recipes look delightful!

  4. Thank you SO much Colette, just showed Hamish he loves it!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. ♥

  5. I absolutely love Blithely Unaware. Their food makes my mouth water.

  6. Love Mez's blog, she is packed full of personality which makes it fun to read!

  7. Yes, I adore her blog, it's so spunky and delicious :)
    Heidi xo

  8. Another Blithely Unaware fan here - there are so many food blogs out there but Merowyn's warm and unique voice and the couple's lovely recipes certainly set them a part. Look forward to seeing what they've got in the pipeline!

  9. Great post!! Lovely to hear a bit more about Bllithely Unaware and get the goss on the best spots to eat in Melb!!




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